Kingman Yellow Pages Advertising

The key to successful advertising is to determine the best medium or combination of media to accomplish your sales and marketing objectives. This profile covers Yellow Pages alone or as part of a Yellow Pages / Radio media mix.

Yellow Pages Statistics

Yellow Pages Advertising Quick Facts
here are hundreds of Yellow Pages books available throughout the country, in addition to numerous online Yellow Pages websites such as,, and (USA Today, 2011)

Advantages of Yellow Pages Advertising
Widespread: Ninety-nine percent of U.S. adults are familiar with the Yellow Pages. (Local Search Association, 2011)
Traditional Acceptance: Having a listing in the Yellow Pages has historically been a "must" for retailers. )

Disadvantages of Yellow Pages Advertising
Encroaching Competition from the Internet: Yellow Pages-like services on the Web are replacing printed books. These directories offer ease of use, mobile accessibility, more logical organization of data, and the capability to update information more often.
Too Many Books: In many communities, there are several different directories all competing for listings. Who reads them all?

Radio Advertising Bureau
CRM Associates, 2011
CRM Associates, 2011
Ron Sachs Communications, 2010
CRM Associates, 2011

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