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The key to successful advertising is to determine the best medium or combination of media to accomplish your sales and marketing objectives. This profile covers TV alone or as part of a Broadcast TV / Radio media mix.

TV Statistics

TV Quick Facts
Based on 2011 research by The Nielsen Company, the heaviest users of traditional TV are adults 65+, followed by adults 50-64. Teens 12-17 watch the least amount of traditional TV. (The Nielsen Company, 2011)

Advantages of TV Advertising
Mass Appeal: In addition to the 98.9% penetration rate among U.S. households enjoyed by television in general, 83.7% of these homes are multi-set households. (Nielsen Media Research, 2011)
Visual Appeal: TV has the ability to capture attention through sight, sound and motion.
Credibility: Perceived accountability with well-accepted audience measurement metrics.

Disadvantages of TV Advertising
Fragmentation: Marketers distinguish between Broadcast TV and Cable TV because of the differences in the way they are bought. Broadcast TV is generally sold locally by one staff for one station. Cable TV is typically sold locally by one staff for all the advertising-supported cable channels. On the other hand, viewers do not differentiate between Broadcast TV and Cable TV channels. Time spent viewing Broadcast TV is being divided among Cable TV channels.
Commercial Clutter: Clutter, particularly on network TV during primetime hours, has risen almost 60% over a 40-year period. In the early 1980s, 19% of TV content was devoted to commercials. By 2010, it had climbed to 25%. (TV Dimensions, 2011)

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