Kingman Direct Mail Advertising

The key to successful advertising is to determine the best medium or combination of media to accomplish your sales and marketing objectives. This profile covers Magazines alone or as part of a Magazines / Radio media mix.

Direct Mail Statistics

Direct Mail Quick Facts
Response rates to direct mail have held steady over the past several years. Letter-sized envelopes, for instance, had a 2010 response rate of 3.42% for an in-house list and 1.38% for a prospect list. (Direct Mail Association, 2011)

Advantages of Direct Mail Advertising
Reach: The medium potentially can reach every household in the market, or at least every consumer the marketer wishes to target, usually through mail-merge options where multiple advertisers are combined in a single envelope or package.
Tracking: The response rate is easily measured, and can be tracked through coupon redemption and return-card/call-back options.

Disadvantages of Direct Mail Advertising
Low Response Rates: With an average response rate of just over 2%, most of the people you market to will reject or ignore your offer.
Consumer Perception: Most consumers refer to direct mail as "junk mail" – and they have an even lower opinion of the most cost-efficient mail-merge packages that combine pieces from a number of different advertisers in one envelope.

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Advertising Contact Information

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