Kingman Cable / Satellite TV Advertising

The key to successful advertising is to determine the best medium or combination of media to accomplish your sales and marketing objectives. This profile covers Cable/Satellite TV alone or as part of a Cable/Satellite TV / Radio media mix.

Cable / Satellite TV Statistics

Cable / Satellite TV Advertising Quick Facts
As of late-2010, wired cable penetration of total television households stood at 60.7% (down from 61.7% in late-2009), which represented a 21-year low. Over the same period, direct broadcast satellite DBS providers increased their penetration of TV households from 29.3% in late-2009 to 30.5% in late-2010, an all-time high.(Nielsen Media Research, 2011)

Advantages of Cable / Satellite TV Advertising
Targeted:Cable networks are targeted to specific demographics and clusters of people.
Cost: Low CPMs.
Programming Diversity: Cable channels are willing to take chances on the types of trendy programs that broadcast networks typically will not consider.

Disadvantages of Cable / Satellite TV Advertising
Small Audiences: You can't have large audiences for any given channel or program when there are dozens, even hundreds of channels from which to choose. Individual cable channels rarely pull in the big ratings.
Ad Clutter: Commercial clutter is very high on some cable channels.

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